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Student Work

Portrait Painting


M. Bossi, Mike

A. Arnold, Mike

A. Charleton, Mike

K. Benni, Mike

Yvonne, Mike

Particpant,, Portrait Painting

D. Kalb, watercolour, Mike

Participant, Portrait Workshop

Tom Morrison, Nola

M. Bossi, Lydia

Advanced Painting


Advanced class at work

A. Charleton, Advanced Painting


K. Benni


A. Charelton

j. Chisholm, Advanced Painting

K Benni, oil, Advanced Painting

D. Beacon, Advanced Painting, acrylic

A. Kurita, Oil Pastel, Advanced

Kuri, Acrylic, Advanced

Kuri, Acrylic, Advanced

K. Benni

A. Charleton

Kuri, Acrylic, Advanced

D. Beacon, Water cans, Advanced painting

Student, Advanced Drawing

Kuri, Advanced Painting

A. Arnold, Acyrlic Workshop

A. Arnold, Advanced Painting

J. Lind, Advanced Painting

j. Lind, Advanced Painting

T. Beacon, Advanced Painting

D. Kalb, Advanced Painting


Forgery: learning from the masters


Tom Thompson

Brenda Steward, The Jacks Pine





Judy and her Monet


Manet Workshop







Van Gogh

Zoe, Van Gogh

D. Beacon, Van Gogh



Morrisot Worshop



Laurencin Workshop

Vigee Le Brun

D. Beacon, Vigee Le Brun Workshop


K. Benni


Intro to Acrylics


Student, Acrylic Painting Workshop

Student, Intro to Acrylics

Student, Intro to Acrylics

Lisa, Acrylic Painting

Student, Intro to Acyrlic


Intro to Gouache

Fashion Drawing